How To Reset A Tripped Breaker?

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Every electrical panel is designed with circuit breakers for the purpose of safety. A circuit breaker is an electrical switch that protects and controls the circuits that supply electricity to outlets, appliances, and fixtures. They can be switched on or off to repair outlets or add new elements. They also automatically shut off when there is too much power flowing through the circuit—thereby protecting your appliances and your home.

However, once a circuit is shut off automatically, you need to switch it back on to acquire power in a certain part of the house or all over. If you do not know how to reset the breaker or which breaker has tripped, you may be in darkness until an electrician arrives. To reset the tripped breaker on your own, you need to understand why the breaker tripped in the first place and then know how to fix it.

Why do circuit breakers trip?

A circuit breaker will trip when it is experiencing a very heavy load of electricity. For example, having too many appliances running simultaneously on the same circuit can cause a surge in electricity, which trips the circuit breaker. The flow of electricity is then cut off (meaning your circuit will trip) to stop overheating or any possible damage.

Most branch circuits for homes are rated for 15A (amps). In normal circumstances, these breakers will trip at 80% or 12A. If you discover a specific breaker is often tripping, you could have too many electricals or appliances plugged into that circuit. Over time, if that breaker trips too often, it will become worn down, and you will need to replace that breaker.

How to reset a tripped breaker?

Go to your panel with your panel directory. Locate the space in your panel that most accurately describes the place you have lost power. You should notice that the switch on the breaker is slightly out of place compared to the rest of the breakers. Once you’ve located the tripped breaker, switch it to the off position and then back on. Once you’ve completed this, check and see if your power is restored. If it isn’t, reach out to a trusted electrician to check what’s causing the problem.

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